Townsfolk Hide Valuable Secret (If You Spy On The Right Ones) In The Witch’s Isle


The Witch’s Isle has players working while under the influence of a witch’s deadly curse, having to find her magic urn before time runs out. Luckily, someone in town has to know, but it will be up to players to find out who.


The Witch’s Isle is an adventure game set on an island ruled by a witch. Players will have to set out onto the island and talk to people to get clues as to what happened to the urn if they hope to find it. However, players don’t just have to control their own cursed character, as they can choose to pick one of the townsfolk and have the camera follow them for a while, learning some of their hidden secrets by observing them going about their business. Through this, players may find the information that will save them.

Players won’t just be finding information about the urn, as they will also steadily learn more about the witch and her past as well. Depending on certain factors throughout the game, players can also unlock different endings to the tale as well.


The Witch’s Isle is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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