TRAF – Trajes Fatais Introduces New Fighters During Crowdfunding Campaign



TRAF – Trajes Fatais, the fighting game that does away with complex inputs to give players an ease of control over combat, has begun a crowdfunding campaign through Kickante.




The campaign introduces a few more characters beyond the few the game has shown so far. Nathália will work best at a distance, using her fairy magic wand to keep foes at bay, Saul’s scarecrow costume lets him use his flexibility and a few corn-based attacks, and Makiabel is the demonic deity who controls it all.


In total, the game will offer six characters and six further unlockable characters. Many of the game’s stretch goal involve adding and balancing another character to put into the game as well. These include platypus people, gladiators, and pirate ghosts.


The developers are striving to raise R$ 120,000 through the campaign.

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