Trailer Explores Corruption And Combat From The Lore Of Revelation Online



A new trailer has released for MMO Revelation Online, revealing some of the lore that has shaped the world.


Wardens were powerful beings that were designed to protect the world, but their own power corrupted them, allowing a powerful darkness to take over. Only five Wardens stood against it, and even then, the only way to stop the darkness was for one of them to absorb it all.


The trailer also shows off a battle between the powerful Wardens and their former ally, using spectacular magic and powers to defeat him.


Revelation Online places a heavy emphasis on flight, giving players the freedom to fly around the MMO’s world, as well as use flight-based attacks. It will also feature multiple PvP modes, including one where players lay siege to fortresses together, on top of its regular PvE raids and dungeons.


Players can sign up for the Beta on the game’s site.

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