Trailer For Goofy RPG Knuckle Sandwich Details Monster-Catching, Other Activities



Knuckle Sandwich, a silly RPG about solving disappearances in a town while working a lousy job serving food, has offered up a new trailer revealing some different activities players can take up in town.




The trailer, while offering up silly features like “pausing the game”, also hints at dancing minigames and monster-catching activities, with players using a familiar, ball-like monster-catching device to grab a strange cat from their yard. Both of these features were in 3D, hinting that the game will offering more than its top down pixel art style.


Several monster variants were introduced as well, including things like the ‘Day Off Forme’ of the Busy Bee, which features new behaviors and attacks that make it different from its previous version. Players could also see some new attacks and characters being used in combat against these monsters, offering a few more details on what the game will become.




Knuckle Sandwich is a turn-based RPG with a silly sense of humor, having players use timing-based attacks to fight and defend against the oddball denizens and monsters of their home town. They’ll also have to hold down a food serving job while looking into a town-wide mystery. Players can learn more, as well as sign up for the newsletter, from the game’s website.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!