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Trails Of Cold Steel IV Brings Back A Couple Of Enemies From The Past


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Trails of Cold Steel IV snuck in character reveals among the deluge of E3 news, and it involves a couple of characters on Ouroboros’ side. Last time, Tio and Randy got a character re-introduction, and you can find our previous report here.


Editor’s Note: It should go without saying that there may be some spoilers below; proceed at your own risk.



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The third Anguis of Ouroboros, who joined after the events in Ao no Kiseki. Lloyd and the others thwarted her plan to complete the Treasure of Zero using KeA, and after the incident, she left Crossbell.


However, seizing the chaos created by the disaster at the empire, she now returns to Crossbell…



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The Seventh Anguis of Ouroboros, and a noble warrior. It was previously revealed that she is actually Lianne Sandlot, the legendary Erebonian Valkyrie from the past. She joined Ouroboros out of unknown ambition.



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The head knight of the Stahlritter, a battalion under Arianrhod’s command. She serves Arianrhod with fierce loyalty, but starts to question her master’s actions for the first time after the finding out that the disaster created by Ouroboros and the Osborne faction will lead to the end of the world.



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One of Rean and the old Class VII’s reliable supporters, who also studied at Thors Military Academy. After graduating, he took a trip across the continent, and returned to the Empire once, one and a half years ago. However, he hasn’t been heard of since.


However, during the incident at the capital he reappeared not as George, but “Georg”, working under Black Alberich.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV releases in Japan on September 27, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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