Trails Of Cold Steel IV Introduces A Second Chapter Of Characters From Trails In The Sky

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Trails of Cold Steel IV has introduced the second batch of characters returning from the Trails in the Sky series, including Scherazard, Klaudia, and Cassius. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Editor’s Note: It should go without saying that there are spoilers below; proceed at your own risk.


Scherazard Harvey (CV: Yuka Shioyama)

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Scherazard, nicknamed Silver Streak, is an A-Rank Bracer from Liberl. She was formerly Cassius Bright’s apprentice, and is something of an older sister figure to Estelle.


She first met Prince Olivert during the events in Liberl four years ago, and because they got along quite well, they have been keeping in contact privately since then. Scherazard witnessed the explosion of The Courageous firsthand, which Olivert had boarded.


Klaudia von Auslese (CV: Yuko Minaguchi)

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The granddaughter of Alicia von Auslese, the queen of the Liberl Kingdom, Klaudia is also the heir to the throne. While traveling under the guise of a normal student, she met Joshua and Estelle, and later became one of the members who helped resolve the events in Liberl. Since then, she has found her path, and has decided to live on as the next in line to the throne.


With the Empire now interfering in the matters of every other country, as well as bolstering their military forces, Klaudia begins to take action, as the Princess of Liberl.


Cassius Bright (CV: Yukimasa Kishino)

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Cassius is a former Colonel of the Imperial Army who helped plan an operation that stopped the Erebonian invasion of Liberl during the Hundred Days War. He is widely known by his alias, the Divine Blade. He later rejoined the Imperial Army, becoming its commander.


Since the events in Liberl, he has continued working to reform the Imperial Army, while collaborating with Prince Olivert and other influential people from various countries to deal with the Erebonian Empire’s recent troubling activities.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV will be released in Japan on September 27, 2018 for the PlayStation 4.

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