The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak Demo Debuts in June
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Trails Through Daybreak Could Be the Best Standalone Option in Years

The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak is right around the corner, with plenty of hype. No doubt many players are going to look at Trails through Daybreak and wonder if it could be played standalone. Especially as Trails through Daybreak, the eleventh installment in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails series, is technically a standalone experience. The game has new main characters we’ve never seen before in a country we’re familiar with but haven’t spent a significant amount of time in. However, This game continues to build on the rich lore and intricate world established across its predecessors.

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Previously I discussed how Trails through Daybreak might not be the best starting point when going over all The Legend of Heroes recent titles. The game takes place after several games’ worth of story and conflict, which could make it challenging for new players to fully grasp the context and stakes involved. As such, newcomers might find themselves overwhelmed by the extensive backstory that has spanned over a decade and multiple arcs. From what we know so far though, and what I’ve seen in the demo, Trails through Daybreak seems like it can be played as a standalone, but may not provide an ideal experience if someone does.

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Trails through Daybreak marks the beginning of a new arc. Therefore, it serves as a relatively fresh starting point within the overarching saga. For players who are eager to dive into the latest game without playing through ten previous titles, this could offer a chance to do it. It introduces new characters and storylines, while maintaining the series’ hallmark depth and complexity.

However, starting from the beginning with Trails in the Sky remains the optimal approach for a comprehensive understanding. Admittedly, not everyone has the time or inclination to commit to such an extensive journey. Recognizing this, Trails through Daybreak can act as a gateway into the series. It seems like it will offer enough context to catch you mostly up to speed.

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However, I must issue a word of warning. There will be events and character development that you’ll have completely missed if this is your first game in The Legend of Heroes series. One character in particular has an incredible story arc! Spoilers aside, by the time you see them in Trails through Daybreak, they’re very different from who they were than when we first met them. If this is something you can look past, then you’ll be a lot better off.

Ultimately, Trails through Daybreak isn’t a going to be a perfect standalone starting point for The Legend of Heroes: Trails series of games. However, I feel it’s as good as it is going to get at this point. If you’re eager to jump into the world of Trails, but hesitant to start from scratch, Trails through Daybreak could work. Remember, the goal isn’t to gatekeep the series, but to provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak will come to the PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC on July 5, 2024.

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