Nintendo 3DS

The Train Of Death Has Departed. Destination: You.


Gadunk gadunk… Kathunk kathunk…. Gadunk gadunk… The slow, steady sounds awaken you… And you find yourself locked up, in a strange place, away from where you last thought you were. Ahh yes, it’s about time for another of those escape-the-room games, this one published by Arc System Works.


As Tokino, a girl who’s been interested in the mysterious “Death God’s Train,” players will have to trek their way through the hell that is realizing you might truly be trapped, alone, on board it.



Escape Adventure: The Death God’s Train of Nightmares is from developers Arc System Works, so there’s quality assurance here in striking the right tones for this Nintendo 3DS eShop software. I wonder, though, if people who enjoy this sort of genre prefer their games with a little bit of backstory? And does it seem like it’s always something either crazy creepy like a damn death train, or else completely easy like… this?


While you’ll find flashbacks with other characters and diary notes—possibly even written by Tokino herself—players will have to figure out how to overcome puzzles and more to escape… before whatever trapped her in the first place comes back. Eerie!


Escape Adventure: The Death God’s Train of Nightmares will be on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan on the 4th of December.