Transformers Universe Morphs Into Open Beta This Weekend



    Massively online battle arena game Transformers Universe is celebrating July 4th by heading into open beta this weekend.


    transformers_universe_open_beta_screen_1 transformers_universe_open_beta_screen_3

    transformers_universe_open_beta_screen_4 transformers_universe_open_beta_screen_5

    The MOBA has both player versus environment and player-versus-player modes, and sees the Transformers face off against the Decepticons. One of the newer modes they’ve shown off recently is Crisis, which is a kind of group dungeon mode.



    The game hopes to differentiate itself from other MOBA’s by sheer dint of cool factor: Every robot can transform into their vehicular counterpart and back anytime in a game. Each of the robots will also fill a niche in the game, such as healer, tanky frontliner or massive damage dealer.


    Transformers Universe is on PC and headed to open beta this weekend.


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