Treat Your Eyes To The Soft Pixel Art Of Japanese Indie Shmup Imarisu


Of the games appearing in Edelweiss’ Comiket 89 game trailer compilation one that stood out is Imarisu.


It’s a shmup with a striking art style – a soft pixel art style that is easy on the eyes, standing out in a genre full of typically harsh and intense colors more fitting of a nightclub.


As to how it plays, it’s a classic wave-based style of shmup that has enemy ships coming in from all sides, moving in wiggly patterns. It’s very energetic and fast-paced too, encouraging you to take down waves as quick as possible, using a range of weapons and shields, while dodging barrages of bullets.


There’s a demo of Imarisu that you can download from its website and online documentation explains the basics.

Chris Priestman