Tree Of Savior Gets Major Quest Overhaul In Next Korean Beta Phase On July 30th


IMCGames has released a video that details the changes in the third phase of closed beta testing for Tree of Savior in Korea, which is due to start on July 30th.


The biggest change is that all of the quests, apart from those in the main scenario, are being altered to Free Quests. You won’t be notified of the location of these Free Quests on the map as they’ll be hidden and require you to explore more thoroughly.


Party matching is now in place, it taking into consideration player level, current location, quest progress, and combination of classes when bringing you into a party – the party leader does have to accept you, though. Once you’re in a party, there are party events to experience, and you can also all go into PVP with Team Battle League. Your rankings in Team Battle League are shown in the Adventure Journal Rankings.




A test version of mouse control has been added. So you can use the mouse to guide your character around and click on enemies to attack if you prefer. IMCGames does note, however, that mouse control was made with Archer and Wizard classes due to their long-range attacks and so it’s not recommended for close-range combatants like Swordsman and Cleric.


Also with this update: many of the classes have been rebalanced; a level cap has been set on Attributes but the effects will increase proportionately; combinations of some skills and their synastries were added; and restrictions on skills that depend on the type of items you use have been removed as much as possible.


There have also been specific changes made to the classes. For starters, a Falconer class that has gone through Hunter can mount both types of Companion, whereas other cavalry classes only have access to one. Swordsman can now dash by pressing in the direction twice but this does consume stamina. Wizards can use a close-range attack with a two-handed staff by pressing ‘C’.



Finally, there are now mini-games that you can play using the Boss Monster Cards you acquire. A winner is decided by comparing the stars, name length, and number of legs of the cards. The winner takes the loser’s card so it’s you might not want to play your best cards unless you’re really confident.


That’s everything for now. While the closed beta testing of Tree of Savior is limited to South Korea for now an international English beta should be coming in the future. Check out its website for more details.

Chris Priestman