Tree Of Savior Studio Revives Development On Its Other MMORPG, Wolf Knights


In a surprising turn, Korean studio IMC Games has resumed development on its MMORPG Wolf Knights (thanks 2P). Previously, development of Wolf Knights was dropped in favor of concentrating on the Korean and international versions of IMC Games’s other MMORPG Tree of Savior.


Around the beginning of August, the official Wolf Knights website was updated with a message that says a new beta site for the game will be launched on August 14th. Alongside that, the game’s YouTube channel had several videos uploaded to it that showcase each of the available classes, as well as the character customization tool.


There are 10 classes shown off in the newly uploaded videos. They are as follows: Templar, Musketeer, Assassin, Defender, Fighter, Gladiator, Warlock, Firemage, Icemage, and Bloodmage.


Wolf Knights was first announced back in 2013. It’s the latest project Kim Hakkyu, who is the lead developer on Tree of Savior, and also acted in the same role for Ragnarok Online and Granado Espada. It focuses on large-scale online battles.

Chris Priestman