Tree of Savior Videos Showcase Its Swordsman, Archer, Wizard, And Cleric

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Tree of Savior’s closed beta test began in Japan on October 1st, and players got to check out some of the basic classes of the game with the Swordsman, Archer, Wizard, and Cleric. 4Gamer provides us with a look at some videos on how they play.




The Swordsman is the very first close-ranged combat class. In the beta each class has access to about four to five skills, and the Swordsman has physical skills in “Thurst” and “Bash,” along with attack-up abilities in “Concentrate” and “Dare Devil.” They also have some defensive buffs with “Pain Barrier.”




Archers are one of the first long-ranged fighting classes. They specialize in attacking while moving, but their damage is a little on the lower side, and they need to face their enemies while attacking, making it a bit of a challenge at times to run and gun. According to 4Gamer, it was the most difficult to play of all the starter classes.




The first offense-based magic class. The regular attack of Wizards aren’t that strong, so they focus more on dishing out damage with their skills like “Energy Bolt” and “Earthquake.” They also have a neat “Reflect Shield” ability that reflects damage taken, debuffs like “Lethargy,” and status ailment spells like “Sleep.”




The Cleric is the first healing magic class. They use a mace in battle and are known for their formidable healing powers. They also have debuffs like “Deprotect Zone” which lowers enemy defense, and healing skills in “Heal” and “Cure” that can also be used to damage enemies.


Tree of Savior is having its second global beta test this month.

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