These Tree Of Savior Classes Need Others To Shine



Tree Of Savior has updated with its latest class reveals and Q&A. The Ragnarok Online-like MMORPG will rely heavily on class synergy to bring out full strengths of characters, but few are likely to need it as much as these four.




The monk is an attack-based cleric, as befits their martial nature. While they rely primarily on Strength as a stat to grow their attacks, they can also make use of Sunrays Hand. That skill gets stronger based on three different stats, so buffing from other classes is necessary for it to fully shine. They’ll also excel in tanking, with an Iron Shirt skill that will reflect enemy attacks.




The nature-based cleric shines best when in outdoor environments. Not only can their druidic natures give them control abilities over plant and animal-type monsters, they can also polymorph into monsters for a short while, gaining their skills and abilities.




This is the thunder-based class as opposed to the Pyromancer and Cryomancer (Fire and ice respectively). It also looks like it’s an advanced class, with Pyromancer as an earlier class. They get access to both lightning as well as petrification spells, which works best when used in tandem with classes like the Peltasta. Their skills are powerful, but need long cast charge times which require allies around to take the heat off them.




Kings of the prepared battlefield, sappers are an archer-based class. They can lay claymore traps as well as spike barriers which pop up and impede enemy movement. This makes them perfect for setting up before a fight and then luring foes in. We’re not sure if player-versus-player content is planned for Tree of Savior, but if so Sappers will probably be kings of area denial.


That’s it for the classes this week. In other news, a Bard-type class specialized in music hasn’t been decided on yet, but there *is* a vuvuzela in game. The horror. Also, there is word that there will be no soulbinding of equipment to yourself. All gear can be freely swapped around to other players, though the current planned version will reduce an item’s potential by one each time you do so. You can read more about potential back here.


Further, there is also word on a Puppeteer class which is a high-ranked (i.e. advanced) class, similar to how the Elementalist is levelled out of the Pyromancer. And finally, you can deck yourself out in cow horns and cat ears with accessories. They won’t all be cash-shop items either, with some coming from monsters, crafted or NPC merchants.


Tree of Savior will be available on PC with a multilingual client.