Tree of Savior Feels Like A Spiritual Successor To Ragnarok Online



Fans of Ragnarok Online’s cutesy 2.5D art style should keep an eye on another MMORPG coming up, Tree of Savior. Though they aren’t from the same devs, they do look pretty similar in style and feel.


The game was intended for a closed beta test in Summer, including an International version they announced in February, but that’s been delayed by the developers for further balancing.



There’s a lot to like with what we’ve seen so far, but for now here’s some of the new classes introduced by the developer. Some classes have been listed as pure crafting classes.



A class using both sword and shield, players will be able to also shield bash foes. This does bonus damage if the foe is frozen or petrified, which combos well with two other classes in the Creomancer and Elementalist classes. If you enjoy risky play, you’ll also be able to actually throw the shield at foes, but you’ll have to pick it up quick or it might disappear from the world.




Not the kind of person who sold indulgences, but rather a maker of Booster items that’ll help in attack or defense. They can also turn one of their skills into a consumable item! There’s word of a “Staying in the field after being logged out” feature which the Pardoner seems to also have some links to.




The spear wielder, they can go into an Overhand thrust stance which raises critical rates in exchange for lowered evasion. Perfectly countering foes with a shield bash and spear thrust will give them a counter bonus. They’ll also be able to deal some extra damage to gigantic boss monsters with their pokey stick.




Think of them as a kind of pet-based mage. Defeating certain monsters will drop cards, which can be inserted into a Sorcerer’s Grimoire. These then let you summon a devil version of these monsters who’ll fight for you. You can even mount them(!)


We’ll keep an eye on this title. Tree of Savior is intended for PC, with a multilingual client.