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Trillion: God Of Destruction’s New Game Plus Gives Players A Better Shot At Success



Trillion: God of Destruction is a difficult game. By this point, those playing have probably accepted the inevitable. It is almost impossible to beat the game on the first try. There are some who have done it, thanks to some lucky random events, but overall it’s too challenging for the first try. This is a game where you’re supposed to play it more than once.


Fortunately, Trillion: God of Destruction gets better and better, as well as easier, with each run-through. Clear data is saved after each run, with plenty of content carrying over. This means a number of things you’ve earned and acquired from previous playthroughs will be waiting for you on subsequent runs. You’re not just gaining valuable information on how the story will go or what results can come from choices made during events. You’re starting out with stronger Overlords.




Your experience points carry over, for one. These are the ones from the last Overlord you raised in the previous run, so your first Overlord in your second playthrough should have enough points to start with about 400-500 points in both strength and speed. While that isn’t enough to take out Trillion’s Giant form with the first candidate, I found I was able to get to the Dragon form by my second candidate on my second playthrough. This was with my first candidate using the Fortification Death Skill to enhance my second one’s weapon. I didn’t beat the Giant until my fourth Overlord on my original runthrough.


All items and earned cash is carried over to additional playthroughs too. This means any Devil Envoys that are still around, gifts, equipment, vitamins, and seals are all ready and waiting for your next character. When I saw things going belly up in my first Trillion: God of Destruction playthrough, I started saving up and recommend it. Hoarding vitamins for your second run is a good idea, as is preserving some of the best weapon seals. I also invested money in some advanced Frankies before my first game over, because they were much better allies for the next battles.




You’ll also be more efficient when earning affection in every additional Trillion: God of Destruction playthrough, and we know how important that is in the game. Data is carried over, so you know who likes what item and how many points will come from it. You can get their affection levels up faster, which means they’ll be able to stay in battles longer than before.


This means you can be smarter with Death Skills. The first time through, I absolutely recommend sealing one of Trillion’s Giant form parts. On the second (or third, or fourth) run, it isn’t necessary. Your Overlord will be fast enough to keep ahead of any attacks from that stage. You can focus on Fortification or keeping a fallen Overlord around as a ghost.


Trillion: God of Destruction is all about perseverance and patience. Is it an incredibly difficult game? Yes. But, it’s best to think of your first try as the practice run and the next one as the real thing. You know how things can go, get an idea of how much Trillion can consume after each turn, stockpile supplies, and gather as much experience as possible. I mean, it may even be best to use the last Overlord in the first run to grind for extra cash and experience points, since it could be a lost cause by that point. Everything you’ve accumulated will be waiting for you on your next try, so use that to your advantage and look toward the future.


Trillion: God of Destruction is immediately available for the PlayStation Vita.

Jenni Lada
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