Triple Triad Is Now Playable On The Final Fantasy Portal App For Smartphone



Square Enix previously announced that they’re bringing the classic Triple Triad card game to their Final Fantasy Portal App for smartphone. It is now available to play on both Android and iOS.


The Final Fantasy Portal App is basically an app that provides the latest details on all things Final Fantasy, which includes the latest information on games, books, merchandise, events, and more.


It also has a point system, where you can login through your Square Enix account to stack up some points, which can then be exchanged for various items. These points are earned by logging in, viewing news, videos, and Final Fantasy topics.



The Triple Triad card game is now available on the app, and it’s its own free-to-play title within the free app. Similar to the Triple Triad card game in Final Fantasy VIII, and more recently on Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll collect cards and take on AI and human opponents.


While it is free, similar to any other F2P system, it has stamina, meaning you won’t be able to play it non-stop. Each Triple Triad match costs one “crystal,” which refills every 30 minutes. Players can have up to five crystals at a time, or can also acquire them through real money.


Square Enix previously stated that they will link the in-app game to your Final Fantasy XIV account, but for the moment the linking isn’t available, but is planned for a later date. There are also plans to have a feature that will allow players to communicate with Free Company members through the app, which we’ll likely hear about in the near future.

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