Trizeal Remix Features A Transforming, Weapon-Swapping Ship




Shmup Trizeal Remix puts players in control of a transforming ship, tasking them with changing it to gain access to the right weapon for a given enemy wave or boss.


Transforming the ship gives the player access to a different weapon, allowing them to switch between wide shot, narrow laser, and guided missile forms. Each of these has benefits and downsides depending on the situation, so players will need to rapidly switch to the right weapon to get through tough spots.


Each of the game’s weapons can be upgraded, which does allow for some freedom as a highly-upgraded weapon will fire even with another one in use.


Players can tackle Trizeal Remix’s enemy waves alone or with a friend in local co-op. If players do well, they can also unlock a hidden ship that changes the game’s play style.


Trizeal Remix is the third piece of the Shooting Love 20XX collection. It will release on Steam July 7.

Alistair Wong
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