Troubleshooter – Turn-Based Tactics In A Villainous Turf War



Valhalla is being torn apart by turf wars, with villainous gangs all fighting each other for territory. The player will need to recruit their own gang of bad guys to win this conflict, outsmarting their enemies in the turn-based tactical combat of Troubleshooter.




Troubleshooter draws inspiration from X-Com, offering varied tactical options for players to overcome the enemy. Players can flank, take cover, and carefully position themselves for a combat advantage while exchanging gunfire. Should they want to take a different route, hacking, ambushes, and other skills will help find other ways to outwit the enemy.




Players have access to several different gang members, each with their own powers that grow with experience. The game offers twenty playable character to choose from, and many different enemies for them to face off against.




Rival gangs are not just enemies to be overcome, though. Through the actions the player takes throughout the game, they can become allies with some gangs, or create even greater animosity between them.




Troubleshooter is projected to release in the first quarter of 2017.

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