True Crime: Hong Kong Leaked Script Shines Light On Activision’s Canceled Game

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After years of development work from ModNation Racers studio United Front Games, Activision canned True Crime: Hong Kong. The third game in the True Crime series centered on Detective Wei Shen who returned to Hong Kong and assigned to infiltrate the Triad called Sun On Yee. A key element of the game was deciding how much to play along at being a criminal and when to draw the line.


Just two days ago, we posted a script from the upcoming Tomb Raider game. We also obtained pages from an October 2010 draft of the True Crime: Hong Kong script. While a bit dated, this cutscene gives us a glimpse at what Activision didn’t reveal much about — the now-canceled game’s story. In this scene, Wei reunites with his old friend Johnny, in prison, who is connected to the Sun On Yee. The script explicitly says Johnny must have a Cantonese accent, but the actor would read lines in English.



When Wei returns to Hong Kong, Johnny is pleased to hook up with his childhood friend. JOHNNY quickly grows to respect Wei who seems to embody all the qualities he aspires to. Wei is decisive, a good fighter, good looking and he quickly earns the respect of the criminal world. Through Wei, JOHNNY grows to be more respected as well and he absolutely loves it.


At heart, JOHNNY LEE is an innocent romantic with limited horizons. He’s not a profound thinker, but he is loyal to Wei, which makes it all the harder when he finds out Wei was really a cop who used him all along.



Wei sits on a bench in the cell, which is filled with criminal types. He minds his own business, avoiding interaction as various hardened criminals shuffle back and forth around him.
A young, excited voice calls out from offscreen–



Wei! Wei Shen!

Wei looks up to see—Johnny Lee– young, eager and excitable. Johnny comes over to Wei, wide smile on his face–



Holy shit, it is you!

Wei gives Johnny a blank look– searching his memory–



Johnny… from Old Prosperity!

Wei smiles as he remembers.



Johnny Lee…

They shake and embrace each other.


What are you doing, man? I thought you were still in the US…



Fifteen years was enough. Time to come home… Just got back last week.



Ha. And already in lockup!

Wei shrugs, smiling sadly.



I need to make some money… figured I’d try it the old fashioned way.



Story of my life right there.

They share a laugh.



So… are you still in touch with any of the guys from the old neighborhood?



You remember Winston?

Wei thinks for a moment, then nods.



He’s really big now– a boss in the Sun On Yee!

(trying to act casual) I’ve got a couple of things going on with him…



What about Dogeyes? Is he still around?



Yeah, he’s still around. And still a total asshole.

(thinking back) Remember when he burned all my comic books when we were kids?



(smiles) Because you wouldn’t give him a cigarette…



Yeah. Fucking prick.

Johnny’s face clouds over a little as something suddenly dawns upon him.



Wasn’t he dating your sister or something? Right before you left?

Wei’s smile disappears.



Detective Wei



That was a long time ago.

Johnny notices the change in mood, doesn’t say anything.



Is he still Sun On Yee?



Yeah. He’s a Red Pole too. That’s how Winston got in. But I don’t think they’re friends anymore…

Wei shakes his head.


I don’t care much for Dogeyes myself.

Johnny laughs.


No kidding. I still remember that time you stabbed him, when we were like 10 or something…

(then) Man, I gotta tell Winston that story, he’ll fucking love it!

The cell door slides open again and a POLICEMAN sticks his head into the room.



Johnny Lee?


(to Wei) Hey, looks like I’m out of here.

They shake again.



If you and Winston ever need any help…



Look me up as soon as you get out of here– I’ll introduce you guys.

Wei nods, watching as JOHNNY is led away.

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