Try Not To Kill Yourself With Your Own Shots in Laser Disco Defenders



Fired shots never disappear or leave the stages of Vita shooter Laser Disco Defenders, so every pull of the trigger adds yet another hazard to the level players will need to avoid.




All shots bounce in Laser Disco Defenders, so any time the player or enemy fires a weapon, it will bounce around the game’s procedurally-generated stages until the player completes them. Players who fire wildly at their enemies will soon find themselves in a self-created bullet-hell.




Players who can survive their own accidental onslaughts will steadily unravel Lord Monotone’s plan to control the galaxy and its taste in music. The game mixes 70’s sci-fi and disco for its visuals, even giving players some customizable, flamboyant disco space suits to complete the look.




Laser Disco Defenders will release in late July.

Alistair Wong
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