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Try Out Nippon Ichi’s Zillions Of Enemy X’s Card Battle System


Zillions of Enemy X is Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming card and strategy RPG for PlayStation 3. You’ll be using monsters in the form of cards, called ZXes, to defeat your enemies in card battles. We recently reported on how you play the game, but you can now try it out for yourself in the flash demo courtesy of NIS.


The demo is available on the Zillions of Enemy X official website, by clicking the circled area of the main page (as shown above.) The demo is quite short, but it’ll give you a good feel and idea of how the card battles work.


Once the battle begins, you’ll start out with 4 cards in your hands. You’ll be drawing two more cards per turn, so as the starting player, you’ll have six.


On the bottom left of the screen, it has a display of your SP, SP recovery rate and LP. The SP is used for various things, and recovers each turn according to your SP recovery rate. For now the demo focuses on the cost of summoning ZXes, which is displayed on the top left of each card.


The demo will prompt you to select the card to the very right of your hand, and summon her in the middle of the three slots.


After summoning your first ZX, you’ll have to click on the character twice to see the Z/X Command menu. From top to bottom, it is Attack, Skill and Delete. The demo only allows for regular attacks for now, so go ahead and take out the enemy ZX on the left!


Once you defeat the enemy ZX, the tutorial explains a few numbers. In the highlighted area of the ZX, the number to the left is for life and the one to the right is power. The amount of your power will take out that number from the target ZX’s life points. When it reaches 0, they will die and be tossed into the trash pile.


You’ll be prompted to end your turn, which can be done by clicking the Sub Menu folder on the right of the screen and selecting the top option. There are other options such as Refresh, which allows you to throw away your hand in exchange for a new one, switching the numbers between your LP and SP or checking the trash, but for now the demo will only allow you to use the Turn End option. Once you’ve selected it, the rest will be up to you!


Now that you’re on your own, here’s a look at a few things. When you click on a ZX card, you’ll have two choices. The top is for Summon, which you did earlier, and the bottom is for Overwrite. Overwrite basically allows you to trash a card and add its life and power points to one you already have on the field.


Empty slots on the field will leave you open to direct attacks from your opponent. You can fill them up with ZXes, as long as you have enough SP, to protect Natalia from taking any hits. When you have two ZXes together on the field, it will do a bonus 50 damage to a random enemy ZX. Having all three slots will do another 50 damage to all enemies.


Zillions of Enemy X is slated to be released on May 23rd for PlayStation 3.


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