Turn-Based MMORPG Wakfu Is Transitioning To Free-To-Play



    Turn-based MMORPG Wakfu is making its transition to a free-to-play model and going back into open beta for awhile from today. It will then morph into a full release later this month, according to Ankama Games.


    The MMORPG was previously published by Square Enix, but the game was handed back to Ankama Games in March last year. Ankama then made note earlier this year that it would be transitioning from a subscription model to free-to-play for the West, with an open beta phase in between.


    Wakfu Screenshot 1

    One of the cool things which really, more MMOs should consider, is a political system within the game. Players can create laws and initiate conflicts, shaping the environment with game-altering effects and in-game ramifications.


    Wakfu Screenshot 4

    An active eco-system is also part of Wakfu. If you over-exploit an area, its population of animals, plants and whatnot can disappear forever.


    Wakfu Screenshot 5 Wakfu Screenshot 6

    The turn-based bit comes in combat, with time limits for players set out on a grid.


    Wakfu Screenshot 7 Wakfu Screenshot 8

    Wakfu is part of a wider transmedia series that sets it in the Dofus universe. The MMO is set with players finding the world in ruins after the cataclysm of Ogrest’s Chaos. There are some 15 different classes to choose from in the game, including pandas.


    Wakfu is in open beta now for PC.


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