This Turn Based Strategy Game Involves Mite-Sized Romans Flinging Poop



One should expect silly things in Witching Hour Studio’s Romans In My Carpet!. The turn based strategy game for smartphones features bedbug-sized Roman and Britannian soldiers vying for supremacy of new territory: A college dorm room.



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Carpet WorldMap

What started as a serious wargame more in line with Witching Hour’s Ravenmark series morphed along the way into a pixel-art based comedy, though everything under the hood is still rooted in turn-based standards. Except instead of rocks, catapults fling poop and cavalry ride spiders into battle.


Since you’re in a dorm room, terrain backdrops include Dungeons & Dragons figurine deities, backdrops of unidentified food crusts, four-sided dice mountains and more.



Romans In My Carpet! is now available on iOS and Android.