Turn Enemies Into Helpful Plants In Combat Farming Game Cede



    Cede takes players to a desolate world filled with irate monsters, but they can bring color and vegetation back to it through beating down those creatures and growing plants with their seed remains.


    Seph has found his planet cracked and broken by infighting amongst brothers, leaving it a barren wasteland infested with hostile life forms. These creatures all bear the seeds that will let Seph take back the planet and fill it with life again, though, so the large creature takes off, with some help from a handful of tiny helpers, to bring the planet back to life again.

    Cede lets players curl their green thumb into their fist, having them use an array of punches, rolls, and dodges to deal with the raging monsters that cover the planet. They can also call on the assistance of their tiny helpers, using concentrated sun rays, torrents of water, and seed machine guns to deal with the hordes of enemies that come for them. Each foe they take down drops certain types of seeds, too, giving players the means to make things more green.


    Planting seeds will give players various fighting plants to back them up in combat, letting them call up their own army to fight back against huge swaths of angry creatures. Slowly, players will bring vegetation back to each world through planting these helpers, as well as give themselves an edge in combat. Players can further power these plants up with the sun, water, and seed powers of their other AI partners as well, further increasing their power.

    As players explore and revive the world, they’ll find things they can bring back to their hub farm as well. These special seeds and other items can be grown and harvested to increase the power of their AI assistants, giving their growing abilities a bit more kick in a fight or in growing other plants.


    Potential players can donate to Cede’s development through its ongoing Kickstarter.

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