Twin Saga Shows Off Its Customizable Mobile Housing



A new trailer has released for Twin Saga, demonstrating the game’s mobile housing, showing how players can customize it and use it as transportation across the game’s world.


Twin Saga - Terracottage - Main Hall 1


The main hall can be decorated however the player chooses, offering them a blank slate to set up as they choose before they invite friends over to visit. The downstairs will offer workshops where players can craft items, and upstairs will feature a greenhouse for players to harvest and grow plants.


Twin Saga - Terracottage - Workshop 2


These houses will also provide transportation across the game’s world, moving around on legs and wheels in a way that appears to draw inspiration from Howl’s Moving Castle. The developers haven’t said if the outside of the house can be customized as well, though.


Twin Saga - Terracottage - Greenhouse  2


To keep up on information on Twin Saga, players can follow it on Facebook. They can also sign up for the beta on the game’s site.

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