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Twin Souls Hopes To Channel Tenchu’s Stealth



Barcelona-based developer Lince Works have a stealth game in the making called Twin Souls. The Kickstarter game, which hopes to harken back to “real” stealth titles such as Tenchu, sets players as a ninja called Aragami, returned from the dead. In this world, the elements themselves have been harnessed and studied, and Aragami will utilize the powers of shadow.



Players have to keep to the shadows, and have access to powers including the ability to teleport between visible shadows. No shadows up a building? You can create a patch to help get you there. The goal is to break the various prison seals around another lonely ghost whose soul is now twined with yours.


The devs dismiss recent stealth games such as Assassin’s Creed, Metal Gear Solid and Thief, saying that Twin Souls will try to capture the real essence of a stealth game where you’re “outmatched, outnumbered and alone.”


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The free-form levels allows Aragami to move about, though he’ll have to remain quiet. There is also supposed to be no regenerating health or fancy swordplay available. If he’s caught out, a quick death is likely. Foes themselves will light torches, fire incendiary arrows, and even imbue their own armor with light to detect the ninja shadow.


You can choose to sneak up and assassinate foes, or finish a level without even killing a single person.



Most interestingly, Twin Shadows will be headed to consoles if it’s funded. Since the game uses Unity, the indie team has decided it will also bring the title to Xbox One, Wii U and PlayStation 4. This is not a part of stretch goals but as part of it getting funded.


With about two weeks to go and a long way from being funded, Twin Souls could use some help. You can help back it over on Kickstarter here.