Twisted Wonderland Characters Often Show Their Good Sides

Twisted Wonderland Characters Often Show Their Good Sides

So, the gimmick with Aniplex, Disney, and f4samurai’s Twisted Wonderland is people are in a high school where iconic Disney villains are admired. That means people like the Queen of Hearts, Hades, Jafar, and Scar are heralded as “The Legendary Seven.” Each one has a dorm tied to them. Every guy is based on a villain somehow. For example, Floyd and Jade Leech are based on Ursula’s eels Flotsam and Jetsam. But while the idea is “guys based on bad guys,” the Twisted Wonderland characters often really aren’t bad guys. Rather, there are a lot of moments where they’re good people and even heroic.

One of the first “good guy” characters people will meet in Twisted Wonderland is Deuce Spade. (He’s based on a Alice in Wonderland spade card soldier.) The player runs into him when pursuing the Heartslabyul first year Ace Trappola, who got into trouble with them and Grim and is supposed to take part in a window-cleaning punishment. Deuce helps you stop Ace from evading punishment. His goal is established as trying to be an honor roll student and succeed. He’s generally level-headed and amiable. Granted, as a member of the cast in this sort of game, he does have a side. There are times when he’ll ask for things like coffee from the player in exchange for doing the right thing. But he’s generally a good person.

Twisted Wonderland Characters Often Show Their Good Sides

Savanaclaw’s Jack Howl is another good example. He acts like he’s as tough as the other people, but he’s genuinely honorable and fair. This doesn’t mean he won’t take part in some malicious acts. But spoilers aside, it does mean that he’ll give his all and be fair. Vignettes from his SSR also show the sort of respect he pays to people he finds deserves it. For example, he admires both Leona and Ruggie. However in those side stories especially, he goes out of his way to show tribute to Ruggie. It’s notable, given he’s usually more aloof to some people in school

With many SSRs not yet in the game, only a few story chapters localized, and no real events yet, other hints at Twisted Wonderland characters’ good sides are more anecdotal. Their appearances during chats, story missions, and vignettes have to suffice. But even then, they offer hints at how people really are. When Ruggie uses the items Jade left out, he immediately offers to make good on the “unintended” contract. Jade, despite his nature, easily accepts the opportunity to learn new recipes for those ingredients. It’s why he left items out in the first place, after all. While Azul is out for himself, he’s affable while he is. He shows courtesy and respect to other students. If you happen to get one of Ortho’s cards, his chats are quite pleasant. Is he over-enthusiastic? Yes. But he’s also devoted to his brother Idia and generally both positive and refreshing. (One could argue that his more negative tendencies are due to his age and nature.)

Twisted Wonderland Characters Often Show Their Good Sides

There’s also the matter of characters’ backgrounds and development. As you collect their cards in Twisted Wonderland, you’ll get to see more one-on-one scenes with them. Between that and story progress, you’ll learn more about who they are and what led them to Night Raven College. You’ll learn why Leona might seem so lazy. You’ll see why Riddle gets so strict. The game helps you understand their motivations. Then, as you go through the main campaign, you’ll see how they develop and grow. As they experience certain trials, we even see them acknowledge their flaws and work past them. Though in some cases, such as with Deuce’s SSR card, it is clear that even someone like Riddle who seems intimidating could genuinely want to help teach those in his dorm and see them do well.

Rather than being really “bad,” the Twisted Wonderland characters embody bad boy types. This means that while they can be arrogant, cold, greedy, rash, sadistic, or self-centered, these might be passing and only part of who they are. Also, those tendencies might be there for a reason. As folks get to know them, they might see the other facets of their personalities. Interactions with other characters can show how they behave differently with people they care about or trust. We also might see events show them that how they’re acting isn’t ideal, and they’ll grow out of it.

Twisted Wonderland is available on Android and Apple iOS devices. The anime adaptation will appear on Disney+.

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