Twisted Wonderland Introduces The Headmaster And The Aladdin-Inspired Scarabia House

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Over the past month, Disney and Aniplex have been further introducing new characters in their bishonen villains mobile game, Twisted Wonderland. These include two staff members at Night Raven College (including the headmaster), and two characters based of Aladdin, which in timely fashion just got a live action remake.


You can read more about the other two houses revealed so far, Heartslabyul and Octavinelle, plus the story of the game, in our previous report here. Once again, Black Butler mangaka Yana Toboso is designing characters for Twisted Wonderland.


Night Raven College Staff

Dire Crowley (CV: Mitsuru Miyamoto)

staff 1

The headmaster of Night Raven College. He gives a place to stay to the protagonist, who has wandered in from a different world.


Divus Crewel (CV: Kento Itou)

staff 2

A teacher at Night Raven College, who manages science-based subjects like potion making. He sometimes becomes overly obsessed with fashion.


Scarabia (Twisted from Aladdin)

Kalim Al-Asim (CV: Kazuki Furuta)

aladdin 1

“Now sing and dance! Then you’ll forget all about your worries, right?”

The head of the Scarabia house. Born in a rich family, he’s always smiling and is quite open-minded. He relies a lot on Jamil, who was raised alongside him from a young age.


Jamil Viper (CV: Kaname Futaba)

aladdin 2

“You’re always dragging me into various troubles… I’ll get back at you for this! …Oh, did you overhear me?”

The vice head of the Scarabia house. His family has been serving Kalim’s for generations, and Jamil has been subject to Kalim’s careless whims since a young age.


Twisted Wonderland is in development for iOS and Android.

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