Two Boys Attempt To Rid A World Of War In New Strategy-RPG Legna Tactica

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Kemco has released the English version of its strategy-RPG Legna Tactica on Google Play for Android. Its full price is $7.99 but to celebrate its launch it has been discounted to $3.99.


Legna Tactica follows two boys who share the same dream of ridding their world of war. How they try to do this depends on the choices you make throughout the game. Should they protect the weak or aim to gain individual power?


The battles are played from an isometric view. Mostly, you’ll want to be trying to predict the enemy’s moves, but this can be tricky as evasion rates depend on factors such as location, attack ranges, and accuracy rates. You’ll also need to consider height differences in the land when plotting tactics.


Altogether, Legna Tactica gives you a range of 14 characters to build up. Which characters you choose to develop and how will determine what tactics will be available to you in battle. “Will you train a character as an attacker, able to deliver deadly blows? Or will you concentrate on the character’s defense strength, to create an impregnable defense to protect your allies?” asks Kemco. Luckily, you can reset your characters’ stats at any time, so if you’re not happy with your decisions you can reverse them.


Kemco is trying to deliver a lengthy experience with Legna Tactica and so on once you’ve defeated the game you can carry your characters over to a Hard Mode.

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