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These Legend Of Heroes Characters Have Clashing Personalities



Falcom gives us a look at the profiles two new students enrolled in Thors Academy, Machias and Eusis.The two characters have completely different personalities, which makes us wonder how they’ll get along in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash.


Machias Regnitz

Age: 17

Weapon of Choice: Shotgun


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Son of the Governor Regnitz of the imperial capital reformists, who manages the entire capital. Machias is a young and bright man who is as strict to others as he is on himself. He barely missed getting the top spot of the entrance exam, and his role is the vice chairman of “Class VII”.


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He is openly critical of nobles and aristocrats, and often has an antagonistic behavior towards students from such families. Due to his dislike of the noble, upon meeting Eusis for the first time, he caused a gloomy atmosphere in the class.


Eusis Albarea

Age: 17

Weapon of Choice: Sword


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The second son from the Duke Albarea who rules Eastern Croitzen, as one of the Four Noble Families. His personality is your typical arrogant noble and he is full of self-importance. However, he never means any harm by it.


When he first meets Machias, he maintains his usual attitude which caused a dispute between the two. This wouldn’t be the only case, as he often adds fuel to the flames by laughing down those who are against the aristocracy.


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He trained in the ways of traditional imperial fencing from his brother, and learned to become a formidable swordsman. He has shown interest in Rin Schwaltzer’s Hachi yō ittō-ryū style and Laura Reinford’s sword skill, who we’ll see going head to head in a friendly competition with the noble.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash is slated for release in 2013 on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.

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