Two Veteran Developers Koji Ishitani And Soichiro Morizumi Resign From Monolith Soft


Two longtime developers Koji Ishitani and Soichiro Morizumi announced their resignation from Monolith Soft this weekend.


Here’s what Koji Ishitani shared on Twitter:


“Last weekend, on March 31, I resigned from Monolith Soft, where I worked for the past 16 years.I worked on titles such as Xenosaga: Episode 1, Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, Namco x Capcom, two Endless Frontier (Super Robot Taisen OG Saga) games, and Project X Zone 2. To all the people who worked by side and supported me, and more than anything to all of you who played our games, thank you very much!”

The news comes several days after Project X Zone director Soichiro Morizumi also announced his resignation on Twitter with the following message:

“As of March 31, I’ve resigned from Monolith Soft. Thank you very much for these past 14 years! I was able to properly complete Namco x Capcom, Endless Frontier, and Project X Zone. I greatly appreciate all the support from the companies that were involved. I plan to stick around in the game industry… so until we meet on the next game!”

“Ah, also, I resigned accord. If you’re wondering, it was about the same as when I resigned from Banpresto lol. Banpresto for 7 years, Monolith Soft for 14 years, could this be some kind of cause and effect? If I can go on for 21 years on the next one, it’ll be just on time for retirement (65 years)!”

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