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Over the weekend, Fate series developer Type-Moon announced new smartphone title Capsule Servant as one part of the ‘Fate/Stay Night 15th Celebration Project’. The game is being handled by Fate/Grand Order developer DelightWorks.


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The game is a PvP-style tower defense game where you summon Servants represented in SD cartoony sprites using points. The game is based on an extra game released alongside Fate/hollow ataraxia on PlayStation Vita. You play as Shirou and Rin, and there are over 50 Servants across the series to collect and summon.


The game is set to be a single payment app released in Winter 2019. There will be no microtransactions within the game itself.


Here’s the main visual below:

capsule servant 4


Capsule Servant will release for Android and iOS in Winter 2019.

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