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Tsukihime Remake Streaming Guidelines Forbid Ciel Spoilers

Type-Moon updated its streaming guidelines for Tsukihime: A piece of blue glass moon ahead of its official release, and it involves avoiding spoilers. To summarize, you can stream the entirety of Arcueid’s route, but you can only stream the opening of Ciel’s.

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All of the guidelines are available on the official webpage and you can read them in English or Japanese. Except for the songs in the opening animation and Arcueid ending (which are under another company’s copyright), you can stream all of the episodes in Arcueid’s route until the opening of Ciel’s. You cannot stream the 15-22 and 25th “Teach Me, Miss Ciel” segments, nor can you show any part of Ciel’s route past her opening (including the ending credits).

For videos, you must add in some content such as commentary; in other words, you can’t post the raw footage of the cutscenes. Other rules are similar to the streaming guidelines for games like Persona 5. You can’t use third-party content without their permission, post content that might damage the credibility or reputation of people who worked on the game, illegally obtained content, or anything that could be considered morally offensive. Finally, make sure you include spoiler warnings when posting onto social media.

Here is the full list allowed and prohibited content with spoilers in the Tsukihime remake streaming guidelines:

Allowed Content

◆All episodes of Arcueid’s route and up until the opening of Ciel’s route* The soundtracks used for the opening animation in both routes and the ending for the Arcueid’s route are not covered by this guideline, and we ask that each content creator mutes the audio for copyright purposes.

◆GALLERY Mode* Other than the areas listed in the “Prohibited Content”

Prohibited Content

The following will not be permitted for streaming:

◆Ciel’s route and onward

◆Ending credits of Ciel’s route

◆Teach Me, Miss Ciel 15 – 22 and 25

◆The following in GALLERY Mode

– Ending list of Ciel’s route

– Flowchart of Ciel’s route

– Parts of the scenario that relate to the Ciel’s route and onward

Tsukihime: A piece of blue glass moon is the enhanced remake of Tsukihime, which came out in Japan in December 2000. It received several adaptations, such as an anime series, and a meta-sequel in Melty Blood. Tsukihime tells the story of Shiki Tohno, who gains the ability to see death lines after a near-fatal accident in his childhood. Other than this “defect,” he manages to live a normal life as a high school up until a chance encounter with Arcueid drags him into the supernatural conflicts in his hometown of Souya.

Tsukihime: A piece of blue glass moon will come out on July 27, 2024 for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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