Ultimecia Will Make Her Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia Debut on November 27, 2019

ultimecia dissidia final fantasy opera omnia

It has been a good year for Final Fantasy VIII fans. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered was released, for example, and Rinoa debuted in Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia. Now, another character from the series is here to compress time and attempt to squeeze another event into 2019. Ultimecia is making her Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia debut. She will be available as of 6pm PT/8pm CT/9pm ET on November 27, 2019 in the global version of the game.

Ultimecia uses magic-based attacks, as is befitting a sorceress of her stature. She also functions as both an attacker and debuffer in the game, and you will need Green Crystals to enhance her Crystal Strength.

Here is the official description for Ultimecia’s Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia’s Command Abilities and her EX Ability.

Ultimecia’s base kit revolves around leveling up her “Maleficium” buff to raise her MAX BRV and ATK by 10% per level, up to 5 levels for a total of 50% raised MAX BRV and ATK. She gains the Maleficium buff by using her command abilities, which become boosted + versions when Maleficium is level 5.

Her first command ability, Protean Swords, is a group BRV attack and single-target HP attack. At Maleficium level 5, Protean Swords+ increases the number of distributed group BRV attacks from 3 to 9. Since Protean Swords has up to 10 uses, this will be one of Ultimecia’s main attacks.

Her second command ability, Hell’s Judgment, reduces single target’s BRV to 7/10, then deals single-target 2-hit BRV attack and HP attack. It also inflicts Sorceress’s Hatred on the target to reduce its BRV each turn and lower its DEF. At Maleficium level 5, its area-of-effect increases from single-target to group. Hell’s Judgment only has up to 4 uses however, so it might be worth saving these uses for when Maleficium is already level 5.

Her EX ability, Apocalypse, gives Ultimecia control over time and space with the special effect “Junction Griever” to temporarily make all her actions have instant turn rate without adding to the turn count. And since Apocalypse itself has an instant turn rate, this means Ultimecia can act 4 times in a row. Apocalypse also grants her the Griever Magics buff to raise her MAX BRV and ATK by 20%. By combining this buff with Maleficium, Ultimecia can attain a tremendous 70% increase to her MAX BRV and ATK.

Here is the official list of Ultimecia’s abilities:

  • Buff: Maleficium

    • Raises own MAX BRV and ATK by 10% per level (maximum 50%)

    • Maximum 5 levels

    • Granted and increased by Protean Swords and Hell’s Judgment, can be raised (not granted) by Maelstrom and HP Attack+

  • Maelstrom (from BRV Attack while Maleficium buff is active)

    • Reduces all targets’ BRV to 7/10, followed by 4-hit group magic BRV attack

    • Deals 1.6x BRV damage when attacking single target

    • Self: Increases existing Maleficium by 2 levels

  • Command Ability 1: Protean Swords

    • 10 uses

    • Distributed 3-hit group magic BRV attack + single-target HP attack

    • 120% BRV overflow

    • Self: 6 turns 2 levels Maleficium (max 5 levels)

    • Becomes Protean Swords+ at 5 levels of Maleficium

      • Hit count increased from 3 to 9

      • Increased cumulative BRV damage

  • Command Ability 2: Hell’s Judgment

    • 4 uses

    • Reduces target’s BRV to 2/5, followed by 4-hit magic BRV attack + HP attack

    • Self: 6 turns 2 levels Maleficium (max 5 levels)

    • Target: 6 turns Sorceress’s Hatred (lowers DEF by 20%; reduces BRV each turn )

    • Becomes Hell’s Judgment+ at 5 levels of Maleficium

      • BRV reduction, BRV attack, and HP attack become group attacks (total HP damage to all targets)

      • Deals 1.6x BRV damage when attacking single target

  • Additional Ability: Set BRV Regen

    • 2 uses

    • BRV Regen, moderately increased INT BRV for 4 turns

  • EX Ability: Apocalypse

    • Recast: Slightly slow

    • Instant turn rate

    • Increases BRV by 150% of INT BRV, followed by 2-hit group magic BRV attack + group HP attack (split HP damage)

    • Deals 1.6x BRV attack when attacking single target

    • 150% BRV overflow

    • Self: 6 turns Griever Magics (raises MAX BRV, ATK by 20%)

    • Self: 2 turns special effect Junction Griever

      • While active, all actions have instant turn rate and do not add to turn count (consumes turn during summoning, support)

  • EX Weapon Limit Break effects

    • Limit Break 1

      • Slightly increased BRV damage

    • Limit Break 2

      • Slightly increased recast speed

    • Limit Break 3

      • HP Attack becomes HP Attack+ while EX weapon or its passive is equipped

        • 3-hit group magic BRV attack + single-target HP attack

        • Deals 1.6x BRV damage when attacking single target

        • 120% BRV overflow

        • Self: Increases active Maleficium by 2 levels

    • EX+ (Limit Break 0)

      • Apocalypse’s BRV overflow increased to 200% (from 150%)

      • HP Attack+’s BRV overflow increased to 150% (from 120%)

    • EX+ Limit Break 1

      • Hit count increased to 4 (from 2)

      • Tremendously increased cumulative BRV damage

    • EX+ Limit Break 2

      • Grants 6 turns Griever Magics at start of quest

    • EX+ Limit Break 3

      • Next turn after Apocalypse does not consume ability use count

  • Bonus Sphere (obtained after fully maxing EX+ weapon)

    • Full HP Critical Guard Down: Inflicts DEF Down 30% for 6 turns when dealing critical hit while HP at MAX

Here is the Ultimecia reveal trailer, showing her and Squall facing off against some enemies.

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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