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Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U Shows How Video Game Magazine Mascots Fight



Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U is an upcoming action game spinoff by Tamsoft featuring various CPUs and their sisters for PlayStation Vita. Compile Heart recently shared their latest batch of videos that showcase the CPU sisters and a couple special guests.


Similar to her older sister Neptune, Nepgear plays a simple style without too many extravagant movements. Her SP skills in “Slash Wave” and “Multiple Beam Launcher” are powerful moves that can take out a bunch of nearby enemies.


Lastation’s CPU Candidate Uni specializes in shooting attacks with her gun. By going into her HDD form, she can increase her shot output and overall damage, allowing her to easily wipe out groups of enemies.


Unlike the other characters, Lowee’s Rom specializes in using magic to fight enemies. Her combo move’s finishing hit called “Thunderbolt” is a powerful move that can attack enemies in a straight line. She also has her EXE Drive move that can take out nearby foes.


Similar to her twin sister Rom, Ram also uses some magic, with attacks like “Aero-Tornado” that activates as a combo finisher and hits surrounding enemies. Her EXE Drive covers less area than Rom’s, but it does more damage to make up for it.


The video game news reporter Dengekiko looks like she’ll do all kinds of moves that may have appeared in some popular stories. She can also transform to increase the power of her many attacks. Her EXE Drive involves a certain sword we’ve seen somewhere before…


Finally, the other guest video game news reporter Famitsu fights with a comical giant shrimp weapon that she swings around. The reporters have more SP than even the CPUs at the earlier levels. Her “Powerful Stamp” SP attack is her go-to move that hits all surrounding enemies.


Ultra Dimension Action Neptunia U will be released on August 28, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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