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Ultra Street Fighter II Will Come To Other Platforms If It Sells “Extremely Well” Says Capcom



Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers, an updated version of 1994’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo, is headed to the Nintendo Switch and series producer Yoshinori Ono recently spoke to IGN about the game. In the interview Ono discussed why Capcom is returning to Street Fighter II, the challenges of balancing a classic, nostalgic game, and if there are future plans to bring the remake to other consoles besides the Switch.


When asked why Capcom was returning to Street Fighter II, Ono replied with the following:


“As you may know, this year is the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter,” Ono said. “At the same time, we also got information that the Switch would be coming out. And, we haven’t created a Street Fighter title for Nintendo since Super Street Fighter 4 for the 3DS.”


“We tried to figure out what we can do to bring Street Fighter to Nintendo. Considering how Nintendo caters to a wide audience of users, we wanted to go back to our roots. We thought that Street Fighter 2 would be the right fit, instead of bringing you a new game that would have a more complicated system,” he said.


“Ultra Street FIghter II is based on Street Fighter Turbo, but there are also some new elements added in,” he explained.  “So for instance one example is that there are now there are grapple breaks in it.  We brought something old and added new seasoning to it so it would be a little bit fresher.”


Ono then spoke a bit about the process of balancing Street Fighter II Turbo:


“The balance for the original Street Fighter II Turbo in the ’90s was OK for that time, but whether it matches the times now is a bit questionable,” Ono explained. “We didn’t want to do a complete overhaul, because then the situation would be, ‘Well, why don’t you just play Street Fighter 5?’ We wanted to keep some sense of what it was like playing in the 90s, but also retune it to match the era now.”


“We’re still in the middle of making the final touches, in terms of the tuning, but we hope we can find something that lands in between. Something that’s nostalgic, but also new at the same time. There are hands-on events here and also in Tokyo, and we see a lot of parents and children coming to play together. We observe and see how they’re actually reacting to it.”


Lastly, Ono revealed that, if Street Fighter II sold well on the Switch, that Capcom would consider releasing it on other platforms.


“If this title sells extremely well we’ll consider it. We put a lot of thought into how this can be fully enjoyed on the Nintendo Switch, so for the time being it’s only going to be on Switch.”


To read more from the interview with Yoshinori Ono, you can go here.


Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers will release for the Nintendo Switch, but an exact release date has yet to be determined.