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Ultra Street Fighter IV Producer Shares Details On The New Red Focus Attack



Last week, Capcom gave us a look at some of the changes we’ll be seeing in Ultra Street Fighter IV, with the offensive “Ultra Combo Double” and the “Red Focus Attack” that gives you more defensive options. Producer Tomoaki Ayano shares more details in his latest developer blog post.


The above is a look at the new Ultra Combo Double, which lets you perform either of the two Ultras, in exchange for less damage output.


And here’s a look at the Red Focus Attack, which is similar to a Focus Attack but allows you to absorb multiple attacks for the price of a Super Meter.


In Ayano’s blog post, he demonstrates a few examples on how the Red Focus Attack will work:



In this scenario, Ryu is shown performing the Red Focus Attack while blocking Ken’s jump mid-kick, crouch mid-kick, and hadouken. After blocking the three hits, Ryu punishes Ken with a powerful Red Focus Attack.


However, you’ll have to take various situations in consideration when deciding when to use the Red Focus Attack.


For example, the Red Focus Attack won’t be able to guard against Armor Break type attacks.



It also won’t save you from grab attacks.


While the Red Focus Attack can be a great defensive and offensive tool to have, Ayano says that it could also be a big risk, especially for the reason that it’ll cost a Super Meter bar to pull off. He also says that the regular Focus Attack will still be around, so not to worry about losing it.


Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released in early 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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