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Ultros And Typhon Return As FF6 References In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn



Shiva and the Rogue and Ninja job classes are the most anticipated features of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s upcoming 2.4 update, but another big addition is the latest chapter in the adventure of inspector extraordinaire, Hildibrand. Game Watch shares a look at the content.


dre_08 dre_09

Hildibrand Manderville is back, and so is his Miqo’te sidekick Nashu Mhakaracca. The upcoming chapter will focus on something called the Coliseum’s Treasure, where Hildibrand and the others will head to the Amajina Cup Tournament held in the Ul’dah coliseum.


During this sub-story quest for the Amajina Cup Tournament, they’ve prepared a psecial arena known as the Dragon’s Neck Coliseum, which may ring a bell to some of you who’ve played Final Fantasy VI,which featured a battle arena with the same name.



While Ultros was simply a receptionist at the coliseum in Final Fantasy VI, it looks like he and Typhon will be special enemies at the Amajina Cup Tournament, where they’ll fight against Eorzea’s Hero of Light.


dre_12 dre_13

Not much is known about the events that will partake in the Ul’dah coliseum, but it’s said that the tournament will have some kind of special rules to it. Knowing Ultros, it sounds like there will be a big catch to it, too.


Finally, here’s another look at Shiva in action:


dre_04 dre_05

dre_06 dre_07

dre_02 dre_03


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s 2.4 update is expected to launch sometime near the end of this month.

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