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Umbrella Corps’ Upgrade Pack Includes Iconic Character Masks



Capcom’s latest update on Umbrella Corps invokes quite a bit of nostalgia. The PlayStation 4 and Windows PC game will take players back to Raccoon City with two maps, as well as give them the opportunity to look like Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker when they do it.


Everyone will get access to the Raccoon City and Raccoon City Police Station maps. When going through the city, you can stay on the streets, using buildings and cars for cover or head underground into the sewers. The RPD station is a very open and exposed map, where there’s little cover. Though, you can hide behind the statue that appeared in Resident Evil 2.


The additional cosmetic options are part of an Upgrade Pack that’s sold separately for $14.99 or included in the $39.99 deluxe edition of Umbrella Corps. (Umbrella Corps’ standard edition is $29.99.) It gives people masks, character skins, custom colors, emotes, patches, and weapons. This allows someone to look like Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Albert Wesker, Barry Burton, or Jake Muller.


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Umbrella Corps will come to the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on June 21, 2016. All pre-orders include a Fashion Victim Pack that adds neon equipment customization options. PlayStation 4 pre-orders also include a dynamic theme inspired by the game.

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