Umineko When They Cry (Question Arc) Releasing With New Translation & Art July 8




Mangagamer have stated that the updated version of murder mystery visual novel Umineko – When They Cry (Question Arc), complete with new artwork and a new English translation, will be releasing on their site and Steam on July 8.




This release marks the first time the game will be released completely uncut in the West, and will also feature all of the original game’s soundtrack.




In Umineko – When They Cry (Question Arc), players follow Battler as he tries to piece together a series of murders at the Ushiromiya family’s annual conference on the island of Rokkenjima. Navigating a family torn by a potential inheritance of ten tons of gold, a mysterious riddle, and a person claiming to be a witch, players will have to untangle the game’s many mysteries and seemingly-impossible riddles across several chapters to reach its complex conclusion.

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