During Anime Expo 2015, MangaGamer announced that it’s working on a Steam version of murder mystery visual novel Umineko – When They Cry.


It’ll have an updated translation with help from Witch Hunt as well as new character artwork while keeping the original soundtrack. It’ll also be available on MangaGamer’s store alongside Steam and will adhere with original creator 07th Expansion’s episodic release system.


Umineko – When They Cry takes place across eight chapters in which you follower Battler as he investigates a murder at the Ushiromiya family’s annual reunion on island of Rokkenjima. “Battler’s cousin Maria believes the golden witch Beatrice has returned and committed murder through magic, but Battler doesn’t believe in such a fantasy,” writes MangaGamer.


Across the game’s chapters you experience several different ways in which the murder could have gone down. From this, you have to try to piece together the truth and reveal what actually happened during the game’s climactic finale.

Chris Priestman

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