Undertale Sans and Papyrus Nendoroid Pre-Orders Open

Undertale Sans Papyrus Nendoroid

Two Nendoroid figures of Sans and Papyrus from Undertale are now available for pre-order. Good Smile Company is selling the Nendoroids for $54.99 each and will ship them sometime in January 2023. Pre-orders will be available until April 20, 2022 or until supplies last.

Each Nendoroid will come with a series of different facial expressions and optional parts. Sans, for example, will have eyes that can be repositioned to look in different directions. Furthermore, Sans will come with an interchangeable blue eye. On the other hand, Papyrus will come with three different faceplates and eyebrow parts. The eyebrow parts are separate from the faceplates and are swappable.

Optional parts for Sans include a hotdog and ketchup bottle. Sans will also come with an alternate sitting lower body part. Papyrus will come with his signature spaghetti, as well as the blue bone from his “blue attack.” Papyrus’ skull part also comes with its own stand, allowing owners to display Papyrus’ head separate from his body.

You can get a better look at each Nendoroid in the screenshots below:

The Sans and Papyrus Nendoroids originally appeared in September 2021. Since then, Good Smile Company has also announced the development of an Undyne Nendoroid. There is no confirmation on whether more Undertale Nendoroids will appear in the future.

The Undertale Sans and Papyrus Nendoroid figures are available for pre-order. Both Nendoroids will cost $54.99 individually. Pre-orders are open until April 20, 2022 but in limited supply. Both Nendoroids will ship sometime in January 2023.

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