Unique Knuckles Add Special Punching Properties To Spartan Fist’s First Person Melees


Spartan Fist will have players punching foes until they explode in various ways, collecting an array of fists and magical fluids that will change up just how they lay their knuckles into their enemies.


Down-and-out detective Emma Jones finds herself in a first-person melee-based roguelike, one where she will have to punch out an array of voxel-based villains while seeking the fabled Spartan Fist. To find it, she’ll have to punch through generated arenas, using punch-based combos to dispatch anyone that tries to slow her down.

While punching foes with basic attacks can be satisfying, especially should players clobber their foes into fires, spikes, or other hazards, players can pick up an array of fists they can equip that add various damage properties or change up how Emma knocks her enemies around. Players can also dip their fists in fluids spread throughout the game’s world, and these can have unexpected good or bad effects on their fists, adding elements of the unexpected to combat.


Spartan Fist is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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