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Unlocking Asemblance’s Endings Requires P.T.-Like Teamwork From Players



Psychological thriller Asemblance traps the protagonist in a machine built to simulate memories. While exploring this world, players will be left to wonder which vision is reality, who can be trusted, and how their actions can help them escape this torment.




Inspired by The Twilight Zone and The X-Files, Asemblance will have players exploring various memories in first person, trying to decipher what they mean. An AI will assist them in this task, but over time, the player will be left to wonder who to trust, even doubting themselves, in their journey to escape the machine.




Depending on what the player does, what they see in their memories, and the clues they find, they will reach several different endings. In the vein of P.T., there are many seemingly-minor actions, hidden clues, and difficult-to-find secrets that will let players complete the game’s most complex endings. Players may have to band together online to discover them all.




Asemblance is available now on Steam and PS4.

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