Unravel A Cosmic Mystery With Astronaut Animals In Tales Of Cosmos



Tales of Cosmos is a cartoon space adventure about two astronauts—one a monkey professor, the other a dog—that have to find their way off a planet they crash landed upon using only their resourcefulness.


It’s a cute-looking hand-drawn game inspired by ‘90s adventure classics and, especially, Amanita Design’s Samorost series and Machinarium.  In fact, developer Red Dwarf Games’s previous free adventure game, The Old Tree, is easily mistaken for an Amanita Design game.


Tales of Cosmos is a little different, however, as its been four years in the making, meaning that it has a much larger, open world to explore.  In fact, you’ll be travelling across many planets, picking up items from one to solve a puzzle on another.


You’ll also need to recruit the help of local lifeforms and, along the way, will be unravelling a cosmic mystery. The game will also come with modding tools so you can create your own wacky adventures.


Developer Red Dwarf Games released the first trailer for Tales of Cosmos recently, and also put the game up on Steam Greenlight. If it’s slightly barmy characters and alien world intrigues you, consider giving it your vote.


Tales of Cosmos is due to be released in early 2015 for PC.

Chris Priestman