Unreleased SNES Game Dorke And Ymp Is Coming To PC


Piko Interactive is bringing the unreleased SNES puzzle platformer Dorke and Ymp to PC. It’s currently up on Steam Greenlight.


Dorke and Ymp was originally made in the 1990s with unlicensed tools by a Swedish company called Norse. It never saw the light of day due to being unable to acquire a publisher.


Piko Interactive specializes in bringing new games to old consoles and so had an interest in Dorke and Ymp. Hence, the original programmer, composer, and artist was tracked down, and Piko was able to get the source code to about half of the game.

544673526_preview_dorke screens

A year of work later and Dorke and Ymp is now in a state that it can be sold. In fact, it already is being sold as for the SNES at $44.99 on Piko Interactive’s online store. But to make sure it reaches more people it’s also coming to PC.


In the finished game, now with over 40 levels (Piko added a whole new world to the game), you help Dorke and Ymp to “make some errands for your evil Master Wizard in exchange of him training you and teaching you his magic spells.”

Chris Priestman