Untold Story Is A “Modern Take On The NES RPG”



Joshua Temblett is making his own turn-based RPG. Not only that, but he reckons it “mixes modern gameplay and story-telling with the graphical style of the NES games”. It’s called Untold Story and it’ll be coming to Windows.


As he’s working on Untold Story by himself, Temblett says that working with the 8-bit limitations of the NES allows him to focus on what he really loves about RPGs: the story. “The story of Untold Story, and the way it’s told, is quite different from that of NES RPGs. Unlike NES RPGs, Untold Story focuses on heavy characterisation and telling an engaging story with those characters, rather than presenting a broad picture of the world and its characters,” Temblett says.



All that he’s revealed of this story so far is that you’ll play as Adrasteia, a Knight of Decela, during an invasion on the city of Abila. He adds that it’s full of “love, lies and other such emotional turmoil.”


Temblett also says that Untold Story’s battle system will be slightly faster and more complex than what most NES RPGs have to offer. He says the battle system is still in the final stages of prototyping but he details the gist of it. It seems that he has introduced a need to attack enemies at the right time using only a few commands.


“This small selection of actions requires the player to use what moves they do have wisely, striking enemies at the right time. Enemies also hit hard and fast so the player will need to keep on their toes and make sure they don’t miss time their character’s actions. If you miss a heal or hit the wrong enemy with a certain attack, it could be the difference between life and death,” Temblett says.


If you’re intrigued by Untold Story, then you should check out its website every Thursday as that’s when Temblett plans on posting more details and updates about the game and its development.

Chris Priestman