Unusual Japanese Virtual Shmup Hits PlayStation 4 On September 29th


Playism is publishing Tokyo-based indie developer YO1 KOMORI’s frantic virtual shooter Prismatic Solid on PlayStation 4 for $9.99 on September 29th.


Prismatic Solid is an unusual shmup in that it takes place in an abstract world made of shapes and lights. But not just that, it gives you six different weapons at all times, plus you have “partners” that follow you through levels.


“By defeating enemies and swallowing the power-ups they drop, you can extend the tentacles on the glowing partners that circle you,” Playism explains. “These tentacles will suck up bullets and prevent you from taking damage from enemies, so it’s always worth keeping them well-fed.”


Prismatic Solid previously won the second prize finalist in Microsoft’s Dream-Build-Play competition for Xbox Live Indie Games. It also has an original soundtrack of electronic music by Ridge Racer series co-composers Ayako Saso and Shinji Hosoe of SuperSweep.

Chris Priestman