This Upcoming Game Is “Basically Zelda With An Elephant”



Solo game maker Niklas Hallin is making a game called Phant, which he describes as “Basically Zelda with an elephant.”


You’ll play as an elephant and will need to explore cities, forests, and dungeons. There will be quests to complete, puzzles to solve, and coins to collect. With the coins you can spend them in shops for outfits and patterns for the elephant.


The elephant will meet two young kids at the beginning of the game who will follow it around. They are a monk called Kai and Sundara, who is connected to the royal family, each of them representing the secular and spiritual power of the realm.  They’ll age over the course of the game so that they’re adults by the end.


An important part of Phant is being able to pick up any object in the game’s world. This is the elephant’s main way of interacting with the environments and is intrinsic to succeeding in quests. Also essential is the ability to pick up and throw chickens – a little nod to Zelda tradition there.


You can keep up with the development of Phant on its website.

Chris Priestman